IOT needs to go horizontal and not vertical

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    Within a couple of months of 2014, the overall paradigm of technology has changed and it is now evident that the future of connected devices lies in the path of IOT. There has been a lot of debate on how Internet of things have come to the forefront and acted as a sole driver of future innovations. There have been a slew of device launches seen in the first quarter of 2014, giving a huge boost of the overall industry. moreover from an end user perspective also, the acceptance of this technology has paved the way for its global dominance. There is no denying the fact that the deployment rate of IOT system have increased dramatically with enterprises putting a lot of focus into enhancing its applicability to work in conjunction with its legacy processes. Every now and then, there are new reports that show big corporations getting benefits from increased operational efficiency.

    These end to end solutions have become the need of the hour, but there is a huge void that is building due to this vertical growth. This vertical growth model was even adopted at the time of early days of computers when all of a sudden everyone started adopting that new form of technology. But as very few companies were involved at the start the overall end user experience was not up to the standards. As more players entered the arena and market expanded horizontally, the growth potential of computers reached its optimal capacity.

    Mobile apps developers also need to understand this concept and support IOT in the same way it pushed smartphone mobility. They need to move beyond Android and iOS, by traversing the thin line of cross mobile compatibility. Customization is the need of the hour, and users want to hover over personalisation via these products and services. One major advantage that developers have is the incorporation of big data analytics among their services. There is no denying the fact that IOT would unleash a tsunami of data as devices would get connected to each other and share vital information. this would in turn help the developers to understand the applicability of their products to build better services in accordance to the requirement of the end user.

    There is a huge room for innovations in terms of IOT as it offers diversity in the form of connected devices. Developers now would not feel constrained while build applications for a particular smartphone platform, but as IOT become mainstream, the need for uniform platform would gain popularity and might actually become a reality. Google has already tried to streamline the fragmentations that was building among its OEMs with every other manufacturer building its own wearable. Now with google wear into the picture, it would be easy to developers to build custom mobility solutions that are universal in nature. Consumers would have a choice, but developers would have a uniform platform to build applications and this is a good thing for the overall industry.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 22, 2014, 1:12 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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