The era of IOT started with Google Glass.

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    future of mobilityAs the enterprises are moving towards a more connected future, devices everywhere are being paired in order to yield maximum output through the data they gather. The information in the cloud is growing exponentially which is giving way to Big Data. The accumulation and handling of this data is cumbersome. This is leading enterprises to a constant, enhancive usage of data analytics. The devices that users use in the workplace and homes are being connected to the internet. Businesses today dream of associating all devices together so that there is an easy access to the corporate data from anywhere to anyone who has the authorization. All in all, huge efforts are being incorporated to make Internet of Things a reality in order have a smarter ecosystem in years to come.

    After the smartphones and tablets, wearable devices is the new domain where developers are steadily delving their energy. Google Glass and the smartwatch were being eagerly awaited by the users who love Google devices. As the device did not do well in the consumer sector, it was not anticipated to find usage in the enterprise sector. Custom mobile apps development was initialized for the end users first. Later on, having witnessed the excessive success in the consumer sector, the apps are now being developed for the enterprises to streamline the legacy processes with the ongoing mobility advances.

    As the enterprises are putting extra effort for mobilising the business workflows, Google Glass is gradually finding its way in the business sector. Recently, the Glass was used by employees of a Netherland corporation. The device was used for listing and saving the stock details. It was helpful for employees as it saved paper, time and efforts to manually handle all scrupulous data. This also led to about 15 percent increase in their performance and reduced their error while working by about 12 percent. This revealed that Google Glass has not yet lost the race in connecting Man to Machine and Machine to Machine (M2M). Therefore developers are increasingly dwelling in developing enterprise mobility solutions that are applicable through glass.

    Enterprises are quickly shifting their focus from MDM( Mobile Device Management) to MAM ( Mobile Application Management ). There is a growing stress on the applications rather than the device being accessed in the workplace. Smartphones and tablets are already catering to several of business processes.

    Google Glass is here to stay too, as the developers as well as the employees are awaiting enhanced throughput through this device. Glass is immensely helpful when quick images are to be taken or when language translation is required in split seconds. Equipping this device with enterprise related app solutions will not only upgrade its usability but also improve its overall market in the consumer as well as the enterprise sector. The integrated implementation and deployment of all devices will surely pave for the next big thing, i.e. Internet of Things.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 22, 2014, 1:32 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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