Google I/O Event to bring in a slew of Android Goodies.

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    glass1This year is surely full of buzz AS the Cupertino giant has a knack of delivering new products and services to its end users. There are various launches slated to be released that may usher in pure ingenuity. As per the speculation runs high, it is being expected that Google’s highly rumored and much anticipated event will held in June in San Francisco. Google I/O is like Christmas for android and Google devotees. Google has posted the overall schedule of its developer event with info on the keynote. Here everyone would get to know overall information regarding new announcement, API’s and developer tools coming to Android and Chrome OS.

    Design: It is being expected that there is a huge focus on design this year. There would be a large number of cross platform designing and about this we would surely come to know more in I/O event. Along with the designs of Android and Google search & maps, the cross platform design seems to be the big one.

    Google+: Google accounts that now referred to as “Google Identity” must refer the session “Grow your app with Google identity” in order to engage a large number of users. There are few elements of Google+ as Hangouts integration and Google+ that are crucial to the ecosystem. So, there have been lots of rumors regarding its improvement since last year, which is finally going to get revealed in the upcoming Google I/O event.

    Revamped Camera: The only news that seems to be annoying is developing great multimedia experience on Android. But it promised us to look at what is new in the Android camera application programming interface. Google has made certain strategies and sessions around UI and UX design, thereby improving its camera software performance and moreover a new camera API. Android camera situation has always been focus for android app development team and it seems that finally we will go to see the results of labor at I/O event.

    ART runtime: Android application running on different platform are implementing Dalvik and a big switch from Dalvik runtime is not that far. According to the rumors generated until now, ART will replace Dalvik and this I/O event may see the end of Dalvik. The company usually explains the upcoming products and services in Android, but an Android Run Time was shipped as a development option in KitKat. It is also being expected as an experimental replacement of Dalvik. A new version of Android would be required if developers want to play with ART, as it cannot be updated through the play store. Session also illustrates that they will be highly focused on all the development process that they have been making to ART.

    Android wear and Google Glass: Google glass and android wear are the major center attractions in the android ecosystem in the current era. People are making assumptions regarding other Google wearables and there they might see the potential the device has. The developers will be able to learn about app design for the wearables and this might result in a new breed of wearables coming to the mainstream. May be we could see some more major apps announced at the event which could lead to the next phase in the evolution of wearable technology.

    Chrome: According to the schedule mentioned, there will be a larger focus on Chrome Cast as Google has outlined a session called Cast-Enable Your Application. The focus is on building chrome apps, cross platform plays and development by using Google’s new tool for web platform. Thus we could see few powerful browser apps and newer functionality for the operating system.

    Tech giant is speeding up its efforts to bring new innovative technologies worldwide. Google’s announcement could change as service providers are trying to incorporate some more features. So these are just broad strokes that might get enhanced further in more technological ways.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 23, 2014, 12:52 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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