The corelation between enterprise mobile and cloud

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    Technology has evolved over the last few years with mobility taking the centerstage. The changing business needs and demands of people have transformed core mobility strategy to become more diverse than ever. Social media, cloud services, mobility and analytics enables users to do various tasks with more proficiency and efficiency. Prioritization, thoughtful tradeoffs and appropriate balances are required to achieve segregated output.

    Organizations should have have clear idea of business processes and they must understand the way customers and employees use mobility. This will help them maximize business benefits to consumers and partners by leveraging the capability of mobile devices. This will thereby support them to optimize the complete functionality.

    Enterprise mobility is emerging in order to address few challenges as data security, performance, network connectivity and broad device platform. Mobile app Developers should create extensive mobility strategies in order to address challenges for transforming overall business processes. It requires revamped workflows and processes in order to commute strategic transformations through connected enterprise in a real time. IT enterprises and developers are looking forward to standardize their mobile stack by launching rich featured mobile apps.

    Factors that are driving enterprises to develop mobile strategies are:

    • Large use of mobile devices: The evolution of mobile devices by consumers and employees is playing crucial role on businesses in order to meet the large set of requirements. Businesses face immense pressure even after having ingenious mobile app development solutions in order to support the multitude of application functions, technology platforms and devices.
    • Integration of mobile M2M capabilities involves essential mobile integration as telematics, mobile telehealth applications that report indicators as blood pressure and blood sugar.
    • Increased role of social media offers enterprises with adequate opportunities as targeting new customers and improved services. It also helps in analyzing the vast volumes of big data in order to integrate acute business process and functions.
    • Enterprizes are utilizing business analytics to support the large amount of data generated which is basically known as the big data. Integration of social media and mobility is driving rapid change in content and information creation, thereby challenging businesses to attain optimal performance.
    • Cloud based services: Enterprise mobility sector is increasingly adapting to using cloud services as Paas, TaaS, IaaS, SaaS, BPaaS in order to support their businesses. Any user with a smart device can attain cloud based services, thereby eliminating the complexity of managing a business. These clouds based services enable businesses to enjoy objective of enterprise mobility, thereby eradicating risks of infrastructure. The advantage of this approach is to convert the fixed cost of enterprise mobility services to its variable cost.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 15, 2014, 1:31 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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