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    Ad-Jan van Rooij (Sales Manager IFS Benelux), Harm van Echteld (Managing Director Eqeep), Marco Verdonschot (Managing Director IFS Benelux), Jacco Maas (Managing Director Eqeep)

    Dear Stuart,

    I respect your decision, although I obviously regret that you have not chosen Eqeep. And yes we are growing further in the IFS area. But the first big step has been taken because Eqeep is IFS partner fo the Benelux where we are proud off.

    If you still require IFS support in the future, do not hesitate to approach me.
    Hopefully we will meet again in the future.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Humphrey Hoop
    Commercieel Manager
    M: +31622146244
    E: humphrey@eqeep.nl



    IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with the full service provider Eqeep. By joining the IFS Partner Network, Eqeep will be able to offer consultancy, maintenance, and integration services for IFS Applications to customers of IFS in the Benelux.

    The partnership is aimed at delivering added value to new and existing customers in the Benelux region, primarily targeting industries such as the maritime and offshore, industrial manufacturing, high tech and service providers Leveraging both companies’ industry excellence, the partnership will be mainly focused on services related to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise service management (ESM).

    Eqeep provides consulting and staffing solutions to the various segments where IFS Applications is strategically applied. Their activities at IFS customers include supervising and executing projects in the areas of optimization, upgrades and data migration. Furthermore, Eqeep helps IFS customers improving processes in the area of functional application management. Online support is provided by their IFS Service Desk Portal where customers can log in for remote application management and other IT-management issues.

    “This partnership enables us to deliver ongoing service to customers of IFS in the areas of consultancy and outsourcing”, says Harm van Echteld, Director of Eqeep. We look forward to working with IFS to deliver added value to customers across the entire IT lifecycle.”

    “We are very excited about combining our software capabilities and industry experience with Eqeep’s service excellence,” says Marco Verdonschot, Managing Director if IFS Benelux. “This partnership broadens our ecosystem and enables us to offer our customers additional ways to service and streamline their business processes.”

    Over IFS
    IFS is a recognized leader in providing business software to companies that aspire to become more agile. IFS uses its deep industry-focused expertise to help companies in targeted sectors increase agility in three core areas: enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and enterprise service management (ESM). Founded in 1983, IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) with over 2,600 employees. IFS supports more than 2,200 customers worldwide from local offices and through partners in more than 60 countries. For more information about IFS visit www.ifsworld.com
    Over Eqeep

    Eqeep provides services in the area of system and process optimization and application management. Eqeep has its own Service Desk for IFS customers and also provides functional and technical consultancy in the way consultancy should be provided: personal and clear with an emphasis on knowledge. Eqeep is a service organization in the field of consulting, outsourcing and contracting. This done industry wide with ICT and non-ICT professionals, both internal and external staff. More information can be found at: http://www.eqeep.nl/consulting

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    Posted: March 17, 2014, 12:00 am

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