Smart Devices, smarter communication would be the focus of IOT

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    The multi dimensional world as we see today is embarking on a slew of technologies with each following a path of its own. The year 2014, has itself brought a range of new hopes for developers as well as end users. The coming of age of IOT has sparked a new phase of mobility. It is not just U2U (user to user) or U2D (user to device) but have moved towards D2D (device to device). The mobile data industry is almost 15 years old. Over these years, it has evolved to incorporate every devices that is connected to the internet to churn out smart data that developers can use to make better products and services.

    Due to the fast growing nature of mobility, there are two racehorses that are in the forefront. Android and iOS both have shown considerable amount to traction in the smartphone mobility. With wearable technology coming onto mainstream, mobile apps developers are looking at both these platforms to offer same set of tools in order to diversify their overall application outlook. Reports have already suggested that wearable technology would drive the future growth of mobility and within the next decade would add billions of devices to the market.

    The current wireless technology and IOT would in the future help connect various sources of information like smartphones, sensors, home appliances and even cars to make every day life of an end user smart. These billions of devices when connected to the internet would churn huge loads of big data. The essence of big data as far an analytics are concerned has made different ecosystems such as retail, logistic applications, healthcare and pharma work seamlessly into the daily lives of end users.

    Internet of things is a network of complex communication that requires scalable, secure and compatible solutions in order to have mass adoption. Wearable technology till date has been unable to achieve such fete due to the same reason as there is not a single killer applications in its ecosystem to entice the user. As more and more custom mobility solutions come into existence, IOT would garner more viability along with support for various business models.


    The future of mobility is very bright and most of the developers have taken cognizance of it which is why IOT has become a serious issue. There is no denying the fact that as the tools and services we use everyday become smarter and efficient, it would greatly affect our lives and enhance the standard of living. with support from network operators, manufacturers and industry users, the overall potential of IOT can be achieved easily. Mobility as a whole has been devised into various layers of communication. IOT adds another layer of sensor over it that can make the overall communication smarter. As multiple layers of system and network work in accordance to one another, a web of information sharing will be created that would change the outlook of end user.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: April 28, 2014, 5:02 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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