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    Mobility has always been the driving force that has helped bridge the gap between business and consumers, by creating a line of real time communication. There is no denying the fact that this has given both ends an ample amount of opportunity to offer quality experience that can be customised as per the requirement. As mobility has envisioned through the path of consumer as well as enterprise mobility, it has let to the revolution of mobile first strategy. Few years ago a poorly designed mobile website was not a major concern for the online presence of any brand, but with the emergence of smartphones, there has been shift in the priorities of most brands. Nowadays, a non-mobile friendly website can create a disjoint experience as far as end user is concerned. The emergence of HTML5 has led to the enhancement of mobile experience for the user.

    It is not just about creating a great desktop experience but offering flexibility in terms of multi device strategy is concerned. Gone are those days when user engagement in the age of internet was considered to be a desktop website. Nowadays a mobile application or at least a mobile optimised website has become the need of the hour. As more and more users are getting on to the smartphone bandwagon, it is creating a gateway for business to usher in custom mobility solutions and enhance their reach.

    As far as mobile web is concerned, responsive design was a great start, but with innovations in the field of mobility it has somehow become redundant. With IOT and connected devices coming into picture, there is a dire need for a mobile application based approach that can be transitioned to a multitude of devices. It is all about the end user and future reach approach is calling for a more holistic approach.

    Businesses are now targeting custom users and taking cognizance of big data to define beforehand who their end user is as well as their preferences. This is helping them create a personalised experience and remain agile enough to meet the demands of their consumer base. The next big part in the move towards mobility is the content delivery network. Most of the mobile apps development companies have now shifted their focus to implement intuitive and user engaging applications that are future ready. As wearable technology is coming to the age there is a huge pressure on brands to take the next step in the mobility phase.

    Delivery relevant information at the right time to the user in the right format based on the device being used gives a major push to any brand. From large enterprises to small businesses, mobility has become a common phrase and major platforms like android as well as iOS have become an integral part of any user’s life. Reports have already suggested that an end users is already more data on mobile as compared to desktops. This clearly paints the picture of the future of businesses and how mobility would fully change the dynamics of business interactions.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: April 21, 2014, 4:04 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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