Wearable Technology is lot more than Glasses and Smartwatches

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    Wearable Technology

    Every device that is sensor based which is used to collect information from surroundings and further synchronise it with other devices to help the users is part of Wearable Technology. Google’s Vice President for Chrome, Android and apps of Google, Sundar Pichai, states in a conference that wearable technology is not just glasses and smart watches. Even if a jacket comes equipped with sensors to enhance user experience with technology, then the jacket also belongs to the category of Wearable Technology.

    According to Sundar Pichai, wearable technology is altogether a different category of devices. Appropriate APIs and necessary platform is significant for this technology to grow. Pichai did not talk about for how long they have been working to launch the smart watch’s SDK but in another two weeks they will be ready to launch it. Several speculations are held for and against Android’s growth and development as an operating system. Google holds clear statement that Android is open sourced and GMS ( Google Mobile Services) is a contractual agreement to offer services that are exclusive of Google. Behind launching SDK for wearables, clear motive of Google is to popularise Android further. Wearables are closely linked to Android although its hardware comes from a different firm. Google at present does not provide its hardware but its speculated to launch its software bundled in its hardware, soon.

    Pairing of devices together for better use of technology has been in significance for some time. With the evolving internet of things, and Google being majorly involved in making Android the center stage of upcoming devices, Pichai holds a viewpoint that Android has been open and enhanced better to offer great marvels of wearable technology in a few years. Google is also in news due to their recent plans for introducing smart jacket. Recent innovations like USB Necklace, smart T-shirt, Bluetooth Gloves, iWallet etc have added new dimensions to the use of wearable technology. And with more proclaimed emphasis and enhancement over Android, devices shall be introduced with Android being the base for all that has to come, empowering the world.

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    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: April 2, 2014, 7:38 am

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