Expand the business in Japan or other country ?

    Multi-Business Culture Club
    By Multi-Business Culture Club

    If you want to expand your business in Japan, we can help you.

    1st step, Register our club

    <Membership benefits>

    1 ) You can get the business information with details.

    2 ) You can look for the business partner.

    3 ) The consulting fee if you need ( 1 issue 500,000 Japanese yen)

    4 ) The regular promotional video production (Video clip with the original music including the product information)

    Video production will be necessary to get the 10 pictures or more for the products.

    Regular Price: 700,000 Japanese yen=> 350,000


    1) Paypal


    Annual fee and Admission fee : 50,000 Japanese yen

    You should decide whether only member or need consultation. This is option normally.

    2nd step, Making the business plan

    3rd step. Depending on your ordered service, we will do it.

    Multi-Business Culture Club

    Multi-Business Culture Club

    Expand your business ? Multi-Business Culture Club
    Business description

    We are a member of the membership club.  We are not the communication club.
    We will be one of the membership which role will contribute to expand the business each other.
    If you join our  club, you...