The health benefits of pasta


    Pasta might be a dish from Italian cuisine, however it is a much relished dish even in India. Various Indian restaurants offer it nowadays and you can also come across a lot of authentic Italian dining restaurants serving some of the best pasta dishes. A staple of many nations, it is gradually making its way into Indian restaurants, as well. If prepared in the right way, it is a filling and a wholesome meal. The good thing is, you can very well experiment by adding different ingredients to make it healthy, wholesome and delicious. Don’t trust us? See few of its health benefits:

    • It is not fattening: The fact is, pasta is a mixed version of our Indian chapati-sabzi. Rather than consuming it separately, you combine everything together to make 1 nutritious dish. Like any other dish, you can make it nutritious or fatty, subject to the ingredients you make use of. Choose one with the red sauce rather than white, with a lot of vegetables and some white meat and lastly opt for one with less amount of cheese. You can eat salad with it to complete your meal.

      Salads can be an outstanding option in an Italian food restaurant. Just to be sure ask what sauces are added and try to keep away from dressings that seem to be too fatty. Go for a dressing like light olive oil and vinegar. Go for green/vegetable salad, bean salad as well as pasta saladoptions.

    • 1 pot meal: One can very well add meat, a broad variety of veggies, flavourers, nuts as well as cheese to pasta. This way a bowl of it is loaded with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals making it a nutritious meal.

    • Great for diabetes patients: Pasta prepared in olive oil with veggies or lean meat is an extremely nutritious meal by itself. It is jam-packed with antioxidant vitamins, heart healthy fats as well as healthy protein. This makes it perfect for people who fall victim to health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

    • Saves you against cancer: Pastas are typically prepared with a rich tomato sauce that is finely seasoned with herbs. This cooked as well as reduced tomato sauce is a healthy source of an antioxidant known as lycopene. It hinders any harm to body cells as well as the DNA defending against breast and prostate cancer. It moreover prevents the signs of old age.

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