Enjoy the Ambience of Lifestyle Hotel in Copenhagen

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
    By Hotel Alexandra Denmark
    Enjoy the Ambience of Lifestyle Hotel in Copenhagen

    The best place to encounter the eminent Danish furniture is the capital city of the nation itself, i.e. Copenhagen. One chronicled building which still stands today at the heart of the city and gloats about the impressive work of a portion of the incredible furniture modelers ever is Hotel Alexandra. It was built more than 100 years back and was essentially constructed as extravagant condo to serve the well off fragment of the society. Kathe and Theodor Hansen assumed control over the building in 1910 and from that point forward it has experienced numerous progressions; at last transforming into a colorful hotel which conveys an exceptionally old legacy with it.


    Hotel Alexandra is an extraordinary fantastic inn which serves as the prime case of Danish lodging custom as the building and its paraphernalia are kept in place since its foundation. The mixture of old structural planning and tasteful plans alongside the up to date facilities and world class amenities give this lodging an unbelievable status. It is an exquisite and delightful inn, located right by the Tivoli Gardens and Town Hall Square, where one can even now experience the old Copenhagen ambience. Because of the convenient rebuilding efforts, the inn has effectively saved the interiors and outer surfaces while being in the proximity to few retro shops where aesthetic furniture, obsolescent objects, antiques, apparel and so on are accessible for display and trade.

    The main considerations which generally help the refinement of this hotel in city centre Copenhagen are the carefully composed 61 flawless rooms in it. These rooms are decorated with elegant Danish furniture and also delightful interior designs and accompany all the top class facilities. A significant number of the rooms and suites are devoted to a percentage of the real association Danish modelers like Finn Juhl and Verner Panton. The premium suites comprise of mind blowing designs by these designers going from the extraordinary furniture to materials and even ashtrays. Apart from the lavish rooms, the lodging has an appealing restaurant and a tranquil lounge where one can unwind.

    Hotel Alexandra has earned the status of a standout amongst the most exemplary hotel Copenhagen with colossal convention and history, which gives an amazing experience to any single person. Understanding the worth of Danish furniture, the inn has gathered a plentiful of vintage furniture items from the brilliant time of Danish furniture. Be that as it may finally the staggering work of Juhls, Pantons or Jacobsens changed the discernment of world over furniture. The customs existed but they included the appeal in it as they are the pure reformists who took Danish furniture to the global stage.

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    The Alexandra is a design buff´s dream come true
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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...


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