The love for italian food

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    It is a long-familiar fact that we Indians are big food lovers. We know how to prepare food and above all, we know how to enjoy it, too. Luckily, Indians are not just good when it comes to their own culinary art, however have also welcomed delicious, gourmet food from throughout the world-be it, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean or any other cuisine. Various restaurants from India have attained national and also international popularity for their delectable dishes and innovative way of serving.

    Nowadays, the cuisine which is a lot liked by indians is italian, comprising of, pizza, pasta, risotto and more.


    The love for pasta

    There's something about those smooth, carb-filled, coiled strands that we all like to hold amid our tongue.

    Pasta has turned out to be the hot favorite of nearly all urban families in India, taking the place of the good old Chinese food. Kids love it. Mouth-watering to eat, it's not really surprising that pastas has been rated the 'world's favorite food' before meat, rice as well as pizza, related to an international study. It is offered in various varieties.

    "It's quite a cosmopolitan dish," says an Italian chef . "Pasta is in reality noodles prepared from an unleavened mixture of wheat flour as well as water. The finest quality of this Italian food is its versatility. Various sauces, meats as well as veggies can be added in it to go well with your taste buds”.

    In the urban Indian metropolitans, the intake of pasta has increased a lot in the past few years.

    There are many italian restaurant chains swarming in india opening their restaurants at malls as well as other entertainment areas.

    Like many examples of 'Indianisation' of famous western brands, these establishments also look forward to instill the Indian flavor to some of their food items.

    You are able to enjoy an extensive variety of Italian cuisine in these new restaurants, be it their thin crust delicious pizzas to the appetizers, soups, salads, risottos, pastas, and so on.


    These restaurants are all over the country, having their presence in all the cities, be it Bangalore, Baroda, Coimbatore, Chennai,Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Jaipur, Nasik, Mumbai,Ranchi, Pune and more. A few metropolitans have over one restaurant. To discover the location information of any Italian restaurant in India, please log on to the company’s website and get hold of the information related to it, be it its menu, schemes and more.


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