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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
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    Denmark has unvaryingly been acclaimed for its hundreds of years old inn custom and not only in light of the exemplary inns display but additionally for being the land which produced some of the most amazing architects ever. Arne Jacobsen is the most high profile name which comes before anyone else, who vigorously helped in the uplift of the inns and changed the furniture plans, as we see them today. There is a group of inns in the Danish capital yet the particular case that emerges is Hotel Alexandra. It is a stunning extremely old inn which still bears the remarkable works of the extraordinary architects.

    About 100 years prior, Hotel Alexandra was a building comprising of various sumptuous flats which gave lodging to the elite class of that time. After a decade of its stronghold, the building was purchased by the Hansen couple and from that point forward it has experienced various renovations and modifications. The proprietorships of the hotel Copenhagen continued changing yet the building’s architecture and designs in it were dependably kept in place. It is an uncommon surviving illustration of Danish construction modeling and the interior designs of the fabulous architects like Finn Juhl and Verner Panton.


    Like Jacobsen, Juhl and Panton were two cutting edge furniture designers who picked up enormous prevalence for their capricious creativity. They are applauded for their instrumental work which gave an entire new definition to the furniture plans. Alexandra, the dazzling boutique hotel Copenhagen has 61 vast rooms and sensational suites devoted to the incredible designers. The rooms boast about extreme extravagance and solace while the superb suites are overflowed with excellent designs of furniture, textiles and even flatware by Juhl and Panton. As well as the top class extravagance, the inn likewise offers the common luxuries and all the modern amenities.

    The capacious design hotel Copenhagen doesn't end with the bewildering rooms as it likewise have a flawlessly worked lounge. The lounge offers mitigating peace where a guest can unwind his body and brain in the vicinity of amazing structural planning. Likewise, there is an elegantly lit restaurant which gives the delectable and tempting dinners for the duration of the day. The hotel has retro shops too at proximity, an uncommon procurement for art seekers as the ones who need to see a greater amount of the unpretentious designs and even wish to possess them. These shops have vast gathering of classic furniture, ancient rarities, decorations and gems.

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    The Alexandra is a design buff´s dream come true
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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...