Future Technology to be Driven by Mobility

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    The recent acquisition of Whatsapp by facebook for $19 billion is a clear indicator that the future technology would be driven by mobility. There are a lot of companies that have started to focus more rigorously on mobile first strategy and incorporation of big data as well as mobile cloud to have a diverse user engagement. It is not just about consumer centric ecosystem but enterprises have also started to take cognizance of the fact that mobility is the best way to drive productivity. But the fact of the matter is that overall Mobile discovery is in a mess. It is known fact that there is huge chunk of information available out there and end users find it difficult to access relevant information. Mobility is currently in its ‘pre-pagerank’ phase where information seekers as well as service providers lack the right tools and paths to find and discover content and services efficiently.

    There is a dire need to have a third parallel delivery network that could seamlessly revolutionise end to end user engagement. Pageranks is basically a terminology that is used to drive web traffic and diminish content chaos over the internet. With mobility coming into picture and data access becoming more random, pagerank in mobility has become even more vital.

    Mobile application development has gone from information access to user engagement. Gone are those days when emphasis was just on reaching out to targeted user base. Nowadays, it is all about driving business growth through real time data access which can lead to faster decisions. Mobility has gone through a huge shift over the last year, with focus moving towards internet of things as well as connected devices. The slew of big data that is now being released has brought the overall industry in its top gear. It has become a mammoth task for them to deduce linkages out of unsorted data.

    Overall it is a huge market to tap into with businesses taking cognizance of the fact that there is need for more diversity in consumer as well as enterprise sector. As technology is evolving it is bringing forth more efficient ways to communications as well as information sharing. This is driving future growth to new horizons and making businesses more proficient.

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    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: February 24, 2014, 11:53 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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