Sometimes you wonder...

    By Centillien
    Sometimes you wonder...

    When you read the news, all of us must wonder about how strange the world sometimes is. From Sudan, where women are being punished for being raped, to Egypt and/or the Ukrain where freedom fighters are effectively removing presidents and (probably) end up with just another dictator.

    Or in our modern western world, where secret agencies are tapping our phones, reading our emails and spying with our own web cams. 

    I always wonder how technology will change the world and will it be in good or bad way. Mobile phones have led to a new youth addiction where you think that the next generation will probably be born with a mobile phone that is already stitched to their hands so they can't loose it or avoid using it. 

    But I still have good faith that this is just a phase on our path to progress and get some valueable use of modern technology. We will effectively fight tirans, secret agencies and strange new addictions once we are aware of them and use technology we have to help with that. Unfortunately most next steps are in only half the cases in the right direction, but eventually we will make another step forward, we allways have and always will as long as we have been around as a species. Any dicatator or agency trying to control a nation is doomed to fail, it is just a matter of time China will be on that list too.

    I want to express my respect to all of those who fight the bad guys and any misuse of technology. Stay on it and our future will be bright.



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    • NetCare
      By NetCare

      Given the recent events in the Ukrain, fighting the bad guys seems not enough. It has become a large geopolitical conflict. Russia is trying to get as much control as they can over the Ukrain, by starting to take control over the Krim. With some legitimacy given by the premier of the Krim. The Krim is indeed strategic for Russia since the entire Black Sea navy is there and Russia does not have many ice free harbours.

      But they are basically searching for a conflict with the Ukrain, to invade the country without the Western world to engage in this conflict. It will probably not engage military anyway, at best with supply of weapons for the Ukrainian army to defend themselves but more likely that we we will try to force Russia to give up on the Ukrain with economic pressure.

      President Poetin has proven to be sensitive to economic pressure. He gave up the fight in Georgia because Europe was determined to help Georgia and that is what we should do now for the Ukranian people. Europe is key in the role to stop Russia from invading the Ukrain. The US can help, but from my perspective plays a secondary role. But it is good that the minister of foreign affairs Kerry is sent to Kiev.

    • Ninia Lazaar Violiste
      By Ninia Lazaar Violiste

      one week ago the new ukranian goverment met with the official NATO envoy to the ost-evropean politik and they signed the new agreement of nato-ukrainian comission which was stopped by janukovich. one of the very important condition for getting so called MAP-membership plan is not to have open militery conflikts on your territori where the parts of national army are active. so now is clear why ukrain goverment and national parlament calls everythig what is going on in krim provocation and russia does everything to provocate the new goverment for the war.