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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
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    Denmark has produces a great deal of incredible furniture modelers who shook the world with their colossally imaginative work of art in furniture. No, they didn't redesign or improve the quality and outline however developed another classification of furniture which brags of sheer class and huge sumptuousness. Such was the distinction and prevalence of Danish furniture that the architects who made it got undying recognition worldwide and made a fortune in a lifetime. Today, there elegant designs can be seen in lavish inns in Denmark and around the globe.


    Hotel Alexandra is an extraordinary hotel Copenhagen which proudly carries the Danish hotel tradition in Copenhagen from the past century. More than 100 years ago, the building of it was fabricated as extravagance flats to offer lodging to the elites of that time. It was one luxury apartments till Kathe and Theodor purchased it; and transformed it into a much more beautiful structure. From that point forward, the building has seen various remodeling and renovations in it and today gladly stands tall at the heart of the city of Copenhagen. It draws a lot of visitors who comes looking for real craft and extremely popular furniture of the Danish engineers.

    The hotel is famous for offering the decades old class and luxuries with ultra modern facilities to the guest. It is one novel offering where an individual can revel in all the world class rooms while in the vicinity of spectacular interiors and antiquated furniture. The inn has 61 wonderful rooms which are brimmed with class at each step and few elegant suites which are dedicated to few incredible Danish furniture architects like Verner Panton and Finn Juhl. The magnificent hotel likewise has a brilliant and sweetly lit restaurant which offers tempting meals and there is a lounge too with complete peace, where an individual can relax his relish significant serenity and unwind.

    Alexandra hotel additionally gives the chance of encountering the extremely old legacy through the retro shops, where a person can experience the memorable designs, architecture and so on with the provision of purchasing some of them at reasonable rates. These shops also offer utilized stuff like attire, adornments and antiques. This inn is a prime spot for encountering the work of fanciful Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen hotel as a hefty portion of the furniture designed by him like chairs, tables, etc are kept there, in place. There is even a touch of his eccentricity in furniture, flatware and even ashtrays which could be seen in various suites and hotels.

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    The Alexandra is a design buff´s dream come true
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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...