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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
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    The best location to witness the renowned Danish furnishings is the capital town of the country itself, i.e. Copenhagen. One chronicled construction which still stands today at the heart of the city and brags about the fabulous work of some of the large furnishings architects of all time is Hotel Alexandra. It was established more than 100 years before and was fundamentally constructed as luxurious apartments to serve the well off segment of the society. Kathe and Theodor Hansen took over the construction in 1910 and since then it has undergone numerous alterations; finally turning into a splendid inn which carries a years old legacy with it.

    Hotel Alexandra is an uncommon classic hotel in city centre Copenhagen which serves as the major demonstration of Danish inn tradition as the building and its possessions are kept intact since its establishment. The blend of vintage architecture and classy designs along with the modern services and world class amenities give this inn a famous rank. It is a dignified and attractive hotel, located right by the Tivoli Gardens, where one can still proceed through the old Copenhagen ambience. Due to the timely restorations, the hotel has effectively preserved the interiors and exteriors while setting up beside the couple of retro stores where artistic furnishings, antiques, artifacts, apparels, etc are accessible for brandish and sale.

    The foremost components which mostly assist to the distinction of this boutique hotel Copenhagen are the carefully designed 61 exquisite rooms in it. These rooms are brimmed with ecstatic Danish furnishings as well as charming interiors and come with all the top class facilities. Numerous of the rooms and suites are dedicated to some of the major league Danish architects like Finn Juhl and Verner Panton. The premium suites consist of splendid concepts by these architects extending from the uncommon furniture to textiles and even ashtrays. Apart from the luxurious rooms, the hotel has an alluring restaurant and a serene lounge where one can rest.

    Hotel Alexandra has earned the status of one of the most classic inns with tremendous tradition and annals, which presents a breathtaking experience to an individual. Comprehending the worth of Danish furniture, the hotel has assembled a plentiful of vintage seating from the golden era of Danish furniture. But at last the stupendous work of Juhls, Pantons or Jacobsens altered the perception of world over furnishings. The regular customs existed but they added the charm in it as they are the factual reformists who took Danish furnishings to the international stage.

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...