iOS Unscathed despite Loosing Ground to Android in Innovation

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    Apple and in particular iOS have definitely paved the way for the future in mobility with its robust application architecture and consumer as well as enterprise end services. From iCloud to core data sync, iOs surely has an upper hand in the arena of providing end developers with highly proficient tools to create seamless applications.In the consumer ecosystem iOS has its fair share of fan following along with devices which have set benchmarks for all other smartphones and tablets. Enterprises on the other have a more diverse approach with a lot of complex protocols in place. More importantly iCloud overall has been able to easily implement in the consumer centric ecosystem, with users easily able to sync all their data. After the recent overhaul of iOS, Apple has created a new wave of innovation in the design aspect. But more importantly Apple has found some new love in the much important enterprise market which have been a local playground for Blackberry and Windows Phone.

    There have been a slew of reports in the favor of Apple which clearly indicate that although android has been increasing its lead over Apple still in terms of applicability, iOS still has the most versatile ecosystem of applications. Every three out of four smartphones used in enterprises belong to iOS platform. This is a staggering figure and shows the dominance of Apple in the enterprise market.

    As the focus of users shift from mobility to internet of things, it will be dependent upon the scope of platform which promotes that area. Most of the handset manufacturers are looking at enterprise model to further increase their market share, while focusing on connected devices as well as internet of things in the consumer sector.

    As far as mobile applications are concerned the top five prominent devices used in enterprise belong to Apple. It is interesting to know that none of the Android, Blackberry or Windows phones come anywhere close to their dominance. iPhone developers have put a lot of efforts and time in bringing iOS to the top although android has a wider reach. It is all about quality and not quantity. Smartphones have engulfing every aspect of the socio economic paradigm and it has become imperative for the organizations and enterprises to tap in to the transformation to capitalize the most. The market trend is highly competitive, and there is a huge demand for innovative techniques to increase productivity and profitability.

    But it seems that Apple has found a new hope in the Enterprise mobility solutions. It has been seen time and again that Apple regularly emphasizes enterprise adoption of iOS in its earnings conference calls, which has struck a perfect chord between both sides.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: February 14, 2014, 9:42 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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