How to Recover From Google

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    How to Recover From Google

    Many a time, a website is penalized for what Google calls ‘unnatural’ links. The webmaster may receive the notice manually in Google Webmaster Tools. The warning may affect different people in different ways. Some like to ignore or avoid it while others prefer taking immediate action. If you fall under the second category, then follow this guide recover from the penalty.


    Steps to Recover from Unnatural Links Penalty

    1. Keep Calm

    Sending a reconsideration request too soon could result in further delaying the whole thing. Don’t send a request immediately or even within the first few days. Google gets too many reconsideration requests to spend too much time scrutinizing a single request, and therefore even a small error in the website could provoke Google to delay the reconsideration for your website much longer than it would otherwise take. And if you get something wrong, you will get a notice saying that erroneous links were still found that another request would not be entertained for a few weeks

    2    Assess All Links

    Begin with the links in the Google Webmaster Tools and download the latest link list. After that, conduct a thorough analysis on all the links. The links can be classified into one of the categories – Link Not Found, Page Not Found, SPAM TLDs, Scrapers, Spam Pages, Domain 0, G, Exact Match Anchor Text Manipulative, Penalized Domains, Link Network, Partner Sites, Social Media Links, Nofollow Links and Natural, Organic Links. Here’s what you should do with these links.

    Disavow – Link Not Found, Page Not Found, SPAM TLDs, Scrapers

    Disavow or Request Removal – Spam Pages, Domain 0, G

    Request Removal – Exact Match Anchor Text Manipulative, Penalized Domains, Link Network

    Keep – Partner Sites (nofollowed), Social Media Links, Nofollow Links and Natural, Organic Link

    3   Submit a Reconsideration Request

    Once you have thoroughly scrutinized the website and every suspicious link has either been removed or disavowed, you can submit a reconsideration request. Be frank and to-the-point without beating around the bush and admit any errors that you have made. You also need to make sure your website doesn’t come under any linking scheme before submitting your request. The guidelines for not coming under a linking scheme are specified by Google and can be found on the internet. Tell Google about all the activities which you performed that were outside those guidelines. Tell them clearly that this won’t happen again, because penalties are severer on repeat offenders.





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