EvoMantra Will Now Provide Four New Services to Clients

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    EvoMantra Will Now Provide Four New Services to Clients

    Feb. 12, 2014 - NOIDA, India -- EvoMantra, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India, has added four new services to its catalogue. The services can now be availed by clients all across the globe. The services are App Store Optimization, Google Penalty Recovery or Assessment, Multilingual SEO Services, and Real Estate SEO Services. All these services will be provided by an experienced team of qualified webmasters and SEO experts.


    App Store Optimization

    EvoMantra will now provide world class app store optimization services. There are millions of apps available for iOS and Android, and the list is growing by the day for Windows Phone as well. We understand the need for greater visibility in app stores in order to make potential customers turn into users. The team of experts will target a specific set of keywords and make the app rank higher for those keywords. We ensure a definitive edge to clients over competitors in the same segments.

    Google Penalty Recovery or Assessment

    The team of webmasters at EvoMantra will now provide Google penalty recovery and assessment services to clients. The experts will judge the penalized website’s current standing and remove or disavow any suspicious or unnecessary links, while building upon organic, social media and partner links. This not only prevents a further drop in the rankings of the website but also ensures a much better rank than before.

    Multilingual SEO Services

    EvoMantra will now provide multilingual SEO services to websites in multiple countries across the globe. We will target ccTLDs and subdomains and optimize them for local languages and keywords. We will also ensure local listings for businesses and separate local landing pages to target the customers of a particular geographical region. We will also ensure user ID and IP recognition to ensure that our clients don’t miss any valuable lead.

    Real Estate SEO Services

    We will now provide specialized SEO services for the real estate industry. This is one of the most competitive industries today and excellent visibility across all major search engines is imperative for generating leads and prizing away leads and prospective clients. We give our clients a leading edge and advantage over their direct competitors and also help in converting leads into conversion to increase the revenue, growth and return on investment of clients.


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