Grid Filters – The Heart of Your D.E Filtering System

    Jeny Thomas
    By Jeny Thomas
    Grid Filters – The Heart of Your D.E Filtering System
    As a pool owner, you hold the responsibility of its proper upkeep and maintenance. Since, your pool is your ultimate source of fun and relaxation, it is essential to ensure its regular and proper maintenance. As a matter of fact, pool filters are considered to be the first line of defence against all sorts of contaminants that contaminate the pool. Consequently, the need to install appropriate and quality pool filters becomes extremely important. 

    There are principally three main types of pool filters available including sand filters, cartridge filters and the diatomaceous earth filters (D.E).  Amongst all the three filters sand filters are considered to be the least efficient as they do not offer proper pool water filtration and require more maintenance as compared to its counterparts.

    Cartridge filters are considered to be the most practical option for pool owners as they offer optimum level of performance besides simple and hassle free maintenance. However, if your requirement is much more than just clean water then D.E filters should suffice your need. These filters function to provide unsurpassed quality of water that is free from even the minutest of particles that contaminate pool water.

    So, when we talk about D.E filters, there comes the obvious reference for filter grids which is the filtering element designed specifically for D.E. filters. The internal grid element of these filters is coated with a porous powder that functions to filter particles as small as 2 microns. It is important to choose a superior quality grid filter for your filter for attaining efficient cleaning of the swimming pool water.

    The grid filters you choose must be made of high-quality materials such as 100% polypropylene cloth, which in turn would provide robustness to your filter as polypropylene offers strong resistance to chemicals, rot and contaminants. Used in filters since five decades now, it is has proved to be extremely invaluable.

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    Jeny Thomas

    Jeny Thomas

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