EvoMantra Provides a Range of Quality Search Marketing Services

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    EvoMantra Provides a Range of Quality Search Marketing Services

    Feb. 5, 2014 - NOIDA, India -- EvoMantra, the leading agency that provides an array of search engine solutions, offers world class search marketing services to clients of various business niches. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit our clients perfectly and fetch the best possible results. The experienced team of search engine marketers and webmasters apply their in depth-knowledge to chalk out the best methodology suited for our individual clients. The company provides customized solutions for every client, thereby paving the way for the finest results.

    Search Engine Optimization

    EvoMantra provides quality search engine optimizations services for better organic ranking on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, using the best practices for proven results. The best ethical and time-tested methodologies ensure that websites not only achieve a top rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) but also stay there. It is important to have more visibility on search engines, because it is the main source of traffic, leads and conversions on a business website. We target a set of relevant keywords that are most popular among internet users belonging to the target group of our clients and focus on helping the website attain a top rank for each of those keywords. We ensure that each and every component and aspect of our client website conforms to SEO standards, which in turn ensures longevity in good ranking.


    Pay Per Click

    We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) services to clients looking to bring more traffic to their website and gaining an edge over competitors. PPC is the best way to gain more business in competitive industries. It is also very economical, where our client is controller of the budget. The PPC experts at EvoMantra run search engines advertisements for certain keywords after a detailed research and analysis. Those ads flash on the SERPs whenever a user searches for any of the given keywords. It is the surest way to increase traffic and sales and is very economical too.

    Local Listing

    Local listings are important if a client has a local business that needs to gain prominence. Local listing is a form of geotargeting that offers visibility in a certain geographical area. It helps the business website immensely to rank higher if a user searches about a related keyword from that area. With the important Google gives to location-based searches, this phenomenon is only expected to rise in the coming time. EvoMantra helps our clients rank higher in a certain area that they are targeting specifically, or if they are paying more attention to it.

    Our range of services is aimed at providing customized and effective solutions to businesses in the short and long term. We provide our services to businesses from all industries or specific niches, both in India and abroad.


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