Would you like to attract more customers to your business? How would you do it?

    Nathan Wissinger
    By Nathan Wissinger

    Our company provides many services to directly reach your customers.  Do you have a sale coming up? How about an event that your company is a part of?  Many questions come up when start a business.  What is the best campaign that you use today to attract customers? Now, what is the best campaign that you keep in contact with your costumers?  If you find yourself not coming up with a solid answer, do we have the product for you!!! 

    Txt Marketing is a tool in which businesses keep a direct line of contact with their customers.  Text marketing allows you to develop a key word for your customers to text to "55469" and collect a customer database.  Once you collect a database text marketing allows you to send out a single powerful message to 2,000+ customers at a time.  Are you having a sale next week and need to get the word out fast and effectivly?  Text Marketing is your solution.  If you have any questions and concerns please feel free to reach me in a message, email, or directly on the phone @ 928-263-7225  Thank you for your valued time and i wish the best for your growing business!!!

    Nathan Wissinger

    Executive Director @ 5LINX




    Nathan Wissinger

    Nathan Wissinger

    Our company will assist you in making the right choices for your company to increase productivity and profits for a very low monthly fee.
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