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    Teimuraz Todradze
    Teimuraz Todradze

    Dear Friends,
    Our greetings from Georgia! We would like to offer you the cooperation and intermediary services and establishment of contacts with Georgia in any branch of business!
    In case of your interest we will search the sphere of business that is suitable for you and provide the establishment of successful relations with organizations, enterprises and governmental bodies in any sphere of your activities!
    Georgia is a comparably small country and we have a wide range of partners in business groups and governmental structures, as well as, we have relations with different organizations and enterprises. This would be the precondition of fast and unimpeded forwarding of your projects and ideas.
    We have a substantial work experience in many spheres and directions in Georgia.
    At the beginning, we can offer to send us your proposition by Quick Contact Form and we will respond your letter as soon as possible!
    With kind regards,
    Anarekli Business Group

    Teimuraz Todradze

    Teimuraz Todradze

    Anarekli Business Group is your reliable partner in any legal business in Georgia!!!