Apple is Focusing on Health related Services in its Future Innovations

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    A new paradigm is emerging in the field of Healthcare industry as it has been undergoing highly innovative and robust development. Healthcare mobility solutions enables automated management system to modernize treatment process thus making healthcare accessible into remote isolated areas. According to the new report, Apple is bound to reformulate health tracking via iOS devices which will enable users to track individual activity through its own wearable device iWatch. Apple has always pushed the envelope by challenging the norms of technology in various fields and so it has been assumed that it will be going to revolutionize the healthcare sector as well.

    Fitness Monitoring: There have been many reports that suggest Apple working majorly on health tracking applications and devices. It has also been reported that next iteration of iOS 8 as well as iPhone 6 will focus on health monitoring with a slew of inbuilt sensors. The coprocessor put in iPhone 5S clearly indicates that apple is moving in that direction. iOS 8 will consist of health monitoring app called ”Healthbook” which will keep track of person’s physical statistics as calories burned, blood pressure, weight fluctuations along with the distance walked and more. The application will consist of all the biometric information collected from different sources like iPhone and iWatch resulting in significant comparison to those made by Fitbit, Nike, Runkeeper and Withings.

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    Health Tracking: This highly anticipated service besides fitness tracking will have the capability to monitor vital signs. The user is allowed to enter its medication details in this software so that they could be reminded to take pills at due times. Over wearable technology has enabled developers to come up with highly intuitive and immersive products as well as services for end users. Apple has been known to be consumer centric which is why developers have always preferred it, over the others.

    App interface: This fitness application interface will maintain proper record of the patient and for each stat it will offer swipeable cards which consists of different fitness and health data points. This is highly vital as user engagement is the sole criteria for any services to excell. Apple has always been highly keen on providing an intuitive as well as simple UI to the end users, which makes it platforms highly feasible among developers as well as user community.


    iWatch: The speculations states, that Apple’s wearable devices with its sensors will be capable of measuring blood pressure, hydration and heart rate. Healthbook will be a passage for consumers to read data that iwatch will track. The rumor says that iOS 8 along with iwatch will be introduced before year’s end.Lets see whether these innovations will be revolutionary rather than only being an evolution? Does this proposal of iWatch and other apple device will hit the trail among the users as the earlier devices had? Will apple be able to revive itself as other critical industry?

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: February 6, 2014, 10:41 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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