Apple Crosses 1 Million Applications Milestone in US App Store

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    Apple not only offers the latest technology but it offers a path and an approach that draws attention from the world of process, technology and talent to generate results. It is the fastest growing technology company and has achieved remarkable levels of growth. The Cupertino based company has raised the bar every year by offering a slew of services in the app store. Due to its highly secure and robust architecture developers have always preferred it over other platforms.

    Few months ago, apple release statement of crossing the one million milestone of total applications. Now it has garnered another fate as its U.S. App Store has also hit the one million app mark according to data from an apps discovery platform apps fire that helps developers to find audience for their apps.


    According to report, Apple has approved total of approx 1,439,451 apps and counting in the app store and above 13 billion dollars has been paid by the company to app store developers. Since 2008 Apple has groveled towards the milestone over the course of the year. It is being marked as a greatest achievement in comparison to its previous year that consists of millions of app in its world wide prospects. Among one million apps for download, half a million are available for iPad and over 900,000 are available for iPhone.


    Over the past two years apple has exceeded a lot of expectation by bringing in the most intuitive and content rich experience to its users. Last year, march 2012 was marked as a glory of 25 billion app download mark and this year was celebrated as 50 billionth app download. Marking victory of one million apps is a significant milestone after five and a half years launch of US App Store. Apple is well ahead of 880K+ current US based applications on Google Play Store.


    As the competition heats up between the two tech giants it will all go down to the wire and only the platform with most interactive and intuitive user experience along with content rich app store would come out victorious.<?p>

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: December 10, 2013, 8:41 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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