The Wrist will be the Next Dimension in Computing

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    galaxy_GearThe era of wearable technology has just begun and it has ushered in a new sense of neutrality among technology evangelists. Gone are those days when mobility was only seen in the eyes of end users as mobile applications on smartphones.With Google Glass and smart watches coming to the mainstream, a new flock of devices are driving the overall mobility wheel.However there is still a lot of skepticism among the analysts who are of the view that wearable technology is just a passing fad and does not hold much ground the the ever changing ecosystem of mobility.

    The not so appreciated launched to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has raised an alarming bell that smart watches might not be the best way forward in the wearable sector. But the recent CES has shown that there is lot of it that meets the eye. As the things are moving ahead there is no denying the fact that the wrist would surely be the next frontier in the computing. An interesting quote from Apple CEO Tim Cook falls efficiently in that perspective when he said, “the wrist is interesting”. After that quote there was a constant chatter among the Apple aficionados that the Cupertino Giant is working on a smartwatch.


    The overall wearable market is set to cross $2.5 billion and is led by fitness trackers and smart watches. But overtime these two categories are merging into one single entity called smart wristwear offering diversity to end consumer.Google Glass has also ushered into the wearable technology opening up a new horizon. There are a range of companies like Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm, that are have started to put a lot of focus into this market. Moreover speculation are also running high surrounding the Apple iWatch with many analysts putting its release data around mid 2014.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: January 16, 2014, 11:34 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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