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    The Italian saying A tavola non si invecchio which means “at the table one never tends to get aged” only puts in the nutshell, the Italian perspective of food. Food there is a nourishing experience, a time of merrymaking and happiness with the family. It is unthinkable for one to think about this country without the images of delectable food. Here, sharing food with family as well as friends is a joyful event. Food is an inseparable element of an Italian’s life. Family as well as food are indispensable to Italian culture, as it is in India.


    The fame of Italian food in India nowadays can be based on the enormous exposure of Indians to international influences via traveling, TV, magazines and more. But why only this cuisine and not some other like French? Vir Sanghvi, a favourite talk show anchor perhaps gave the most credible explanation. He pointed out saying Italian cuisine is based on carbohydrates, a feature that is related to Indian cuisine. Italian food for example Pastas, Breads and Indian food like Rotis as well as Chapatis are based on carbohydrates. While, French and other Western menu is mostly protein- based for example meat, poultry, fish with carbohydrates in the form of a variety of breads, as an accompaniment.


    Earlier Pizza, heavy creams as well as cheese, this was the notion of Italian food to the majority of Indians. But not any longer, the notion that this cuisine is healthy, is gaining . It is a plain cuisine, with simple flavors, and an emphasis on the facility to offer flavor with their herbs/spices, different from Indian food that has a mixture of a lot of them. Italians rely primarily on the quality of the ingredients rather than on fancy food preparation.


    Over and above, Italian food is light, and has a vast number of vegetarian choices, which in a nation like India with a huge vegetarian population is highly important.

    Italian food is possibly the most best-selling kind of food in bengaluru, therefore it's not a shock that the most dining restaurants in bengaluru offer this cuisine.


    Pizza hut is one of the most favorite fine-dining Italian restaurant in Bengaluru.

    Pizza Hut is the world’s largest low-priced dining restaurants chain with more than 13,200 restaurants all over 97 nations. In India, Pizza Hut has 138 dining family restaurants all over 38 cities.

    The restaurant brand offers an impressive menu, comprising its signature pizzas, starters, pastas, desserts as well as drinks.

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    Pizza Hut India

    Pizza Hut India

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