The need for studying Social Science

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    Man has always been a social animal. It is one of the core reasons of that fundamental group of logic as to why he has progressed this far ahead when made to stand in stark dichotomy against man's many competitors in the animal kingdom, especially the other vertebrates. Man's need to live and move in groups, the organization of his language and his unique ability to reason and interpret the causality of events and phenomenon have lent him with a tremendous edge against all of his counterparts.

    And this has solely evolved because of man working not just for his own self, for his own sake or for the benefit of a single individual; rather it is because of man working for mankind. Thus, it is only natural that when we receive the benefit of education, we study the interplay of history, the politics and the varied dynamics of social interaction that have made man so powerful today.


    Social Science is a whole different field game with four essential elements forming it: History, Civics, Geography and Political Science. These four subjects impart education about four different aspects r parts of our life which define our status and position in our community as a local and part of the international society. This knowledge is imparted so that students apply the methods of social science to effectively and actively participate in the public life and governance. Social studies hone the abilities of strategic and critical thinking by letting students participate in debates, discussions and discourses to evaluate and chew on alternative perspectives on the same issues.

    imageLet us take two perspectives important to us. One is National and second would be an International outlook. The objectives and effective functions of teaching social science are so many that this is precisely why we need to encourage this study in the schools and colleges.

    • Social studies seek to inculcate in students a respect for their national culture, heritage, values, customs, traditions and law.
    • Social studies encourage the fostering of sentiments such an fraternity, integrity, dignity and a feeling of international bonhomie among the students.
    • It empowers students with the knowledge of the law so that they turn out into responsible law abiding citizens with complete faith in the judicial system of the country.
    • To help students consider themselves a part of the multicultural democratic society, (which is an important part of the international community).
    • It equips students with the knowledge based on which they are able to form new relationships (family, friends and work etc) and resolve issues as well.
    • It enables students to grow into respected, responsible and honest citizens.
    • The most important function of the social studies would be help the children become familiar with the government and its policies so that are aware of the varied political factors affecting the running of the country. This seeks to give them the power to lead their country to a future of sustainable development.
    • Social studies also aim to make the young children understand diverse perspectives about local, national, and international events and issues. It helps them be more aware and empathetic to national and international causes, thus social science activities improvise the political and economic structure.
    Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

    Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

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