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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
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    Hotel Alexandra was initially constructed as a modern structure of that time which comprised of multiple upscale luxury suites. In 1910, the building was taken over by Hansen couple, who changed the scenario of the building and since then, the timely improvements have ultimately turned it into a beautiful inn. Hotel Alexandra which is established in the apartments now brags of a 100 year old legacy and proudly extends the very best hotel custom of Denmark. It stands big at the heart of the capital town of Denmark and brags of amazing blend of classic concepts and regal architecture with modern amenities.

    The beautiful hotel is in one of the posh areas of Copenhagen, situated right by the Town Hall Square and the Tivoli Gardens. Even though there has been a moderate restoration done but still one can experience the decades old vintage Copenhagen Ambience in it. It is a boutique hotel Copenhagen consisting of total 61 ultra charming rooms along with the super luxurious suites where an attractive combination of classic Danish furnishings and all the modern services can be discerned. Hotel Alexandra furthermore has a peaceful lounge and a bistro where an individual can have a frivolous time and appreciate the concepts of the surroundings.

    What bestows the blazing spark to the hotel is its exclusive design and architecture, which is intricately crafted by hard working and flawlessly creative architects. One of the famous architects from Danish dirt was Arne Jacobsen, who substantially contributed in the conceiving of some prestigious structures of the world and brought a revolution in the designs of furnishings with his eccentric art. He designed the SAS Royal Hotel and this remains the most appreciated work of Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen hotel. Gradually, he established worldwide status and became well known for his mind boggling abilities in furnishing the interiors, from furniture, silverware to textiles and ashtrays.

    Arne Jacobsen’s furniture made a tremendous contribution in popularizing the Danish designs globally and consequently, his work became an internationally treasured phenomenon. He designed the revolutionary Ant chair, which was a convoluted design carved out of a lone part of timber. It was the first industry made chair of which 5 millions are produced today and such was its attractiveness that it smashed the notion of customary furniture and resulted in the mass production of chairs. The Egg chair and Swan chair are other major works of him which have unconventional designs and are routinely seen in the luxury places.


    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    The Alexandra is a design buff´s dream come true
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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...