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    Flight training is very challenging job amongst all. If you are one among them interested in flying be it is for pleasure or for career, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to search personal flight trainer. If you are seeking a personal flight trainer offering flight and other allied training at the Camarillo Airport, you come to the right place.

    We “Phantom-Air” are an eminent Private Flight Academy, providing a complete range of skills and training you might need to become a pilot. Apart from helping individuals becoming a private or commercial pilot, we are also providing our assistance to those who want to improve & refine their flying skills.

    The Flight Training and Camarillo Airport is our specialization as we choose Camarillo to provide our students the most ideal flying conditions. We were founded with an aim to offer the highest quality aircraft instruction at highly competitive price. Bring this in mind, we are providing the customized flight training and instruction tailored to meet individual learning style. We have chosen Camarilo Airport that has many great characteristics support optimal flight training. Our team of highly skilled and perfectionist trainers having thousands of hours of flight experience makes this the perfect opportunity for the learner to experience the best training.

    At “Phantom-Air”, we are also providing Commercial Pilot Training Camarillo Airport. This is a next level training provided to those want to acquire commercial pilot license. During this efficient training course, we focus on continued development of aircraft systems and advanced airmanship so that you can acquire knowledge and skills to able to operate a complex airplane. You will receive completely personalized education, both in the classroom and the airplane.

    To help our students to advance their understanding over the meteorology according to IFR, Instrument Training Camarillo is also provided by us. We educate individuals with the skills required to learn to how to fly or to learn new aviation skills. The customize training we are providing helps you grasp critical flying skills easily. In addition to this, you will be succeed in obtaining the mental stimulation, professionalism, confident, thoroughness and complete knowledge of being licensed pilot. You can contact us online at http://www.phantom-air.com/

    Phantom Aviation

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    Phantom Aviation

    Phantom Aviation

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    Over the past few years, commercial pilots had always been in the demand and need of them is on the constant rise. Therefore the aviation institutes are gaining popularity where the students can...