EvoMantra Provides Excellent Community Management Services

    By Evomantra
    EvoMantra Provides Excellent Community Management Services

    Jan. 10, 2014 - NOIDA, India -- With the rapid increase in the popularity of social media and networking websites, it is imperative for a brand to create and maintain a page or handle on all such popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. According to a study, every 7 out of 10 online adults are on Facebook. This not only underlined the importance of the social networking websites but also points to the immense potential they hold in them to market a brand better. Keeping this in mind, EvoMantra provides the best community management services to help brands create and maintain a user account on all the said websites.


    Communication with customers, past present and prospective, on a regular basis is extremely importance in order to create brand awareness and maintain a separate brand identity. It is necessary to convey important messages and announcements from time to time since most of them do not visit company websites very often. We make sure that the consumers are well-connected and well-informed about all company activities that it wishes to convey. We generate and share informative and interesting content on the web that encourages the users to further share it with their circle. This increases brand awareness tremendously through positive word-of-mouth. Through this, we also get more likes, shares, followers and retweets on major websites to increase brand popularity. We increase the day-to-day engagement with customers and enable them to directly post their inquiries to the pages, which we then convey to the brand.

    We also help companies in all marketing and branding activities by running ad campaigns on all the major social networking websites. The ad campaigns have been reported to have tremendous impact on generating new leads and direct sales for businesses, enough to give PPC (pay per click) a run for its money. The ads are very beneficial for a business and help greatly in bringing new customers. We model and initiate new and innovative methods of advertising, with improved content and catchy taglines that encourage users to explore and buy. Advertising is an extremely effective tool that ads many new revenue channels and gives good return on investment (ROI) and we make sure to use it to its fullest.

    We stay abreast of all the latest happenings and innovations in the field of community management and advertising and implement any new changes immediately in our methods. We also keep a constant track of new trends and forecast many of them in order to advertise and promote a brand proactively. This helps our clients gain a competitive edge and win more customers directly. It also helps them promote their brand better and market it worldwide. We have provided community management services to a number of businesses for many years now, and wish to continue doing the same with increased fervor.


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