A Website Design and Development Package that Provides You Entry to the Global Marketplace

    By powersitestore

    If you run a small or medium business and you want to enter the global marketplace, there is only one medium to consider:  the Internet.  Television, radio, outdoor, transit ads, direct mail and print advertising are all cost prohibitive compared to the exposure that you get if you have a web site.


    When looking for a website design and development company, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s a costly and complicated process.  You find that it costs more money to design certain websites than others and you find that the websites provided by many of the global giants have certain features that cost a premium.   


    If you have a small or medium-sized business, how do you do to afford the great features needed without limiting the functionality in your site?


    You look to the Power Site package offered by Fast Track.


    Power Site is Fast Track’s custom website solution for small businesses. Power Site includes all of the features used by the biggest online businesses: a custom responsive design, an easy-to-use CMS, a powerful e-commerce engine, cloud capabilities, social media integration, comprehensive analytics, and more – all for a fraction of the price the big businesses pay. What's more, Fast Track can help you leverage the most value from your website with ongoing cost-effective marketing, training and support.


    Power Site is based on some of the most powerful and popular open source systems, including mojoPortal, nopCommerce, and Google Analytics. We provide all source code with each website, so you always have the opportunity to change it and host it anywhere you please.  Our industry-leading team of web designers and developers can help customize your site to do exactly what you want.


    Power Site leverages the latest technologies and the most up-to-date best practices in site development. Power Site utilizes Microsoft’s.NET platform, which offers many advantages including better performance, increased security, easier maintainability, and greater reliability.


    Power Site meets federal ADA requirements and all of our website databases are protected against misuse. We provide fully managed hosting services designed to provide the high level availability and performance required. Our basic shared hosting plans start at under $10 per month and our high performance private server plans start at under $40 per month.


    Our goal is to provide an affordable, customizable website solution that works and can be customized for a very reasonable price.


    Start competing in the global marketplace today.  Visit www.powersitestore.com.



    Our goal is to provide small businesses with a reasonably-priced, customizable and robust website solution.