EvoMantra Website to Reveal Stunning New Design and Interface Soon

    By Evomantra
    EvoMantra Website to Reveal Stunning New Design and Interface Soon

    Dec. 27, 2013 - NOIDA, India -- EvoMantra, India’s premier social media marketing and SEO agency, is proud to announce the complete redesign of its website,evomantra. The revamped design and user interface will be unveiled in the early period of the New Year 2014. The website has been designed on the powerful and reliable framework of PHP and uses the extremely versatile and capable content management system, Drupal. Apart from this, many other technologies have been used to improve the overall look, design, usability and security of the website.


    The essentials of the website have been maintained while redeveloping the aesthetics. Visitors will now experience superior navigation and improved usability. It is easier to switch between the tabs, thanks to a well-organized navigation menu at the top. The layout has been specifically redesigned with a view to help visitors find their way easily through the website to search exactly what they’re looking for, or to explore something new. The links on the website have been strategically placed in order to aid browsing. The major sections have been placed right on the home screen in order to quicken navigation. The use of illustrations is refreshing and adds more charisma to the website. Our portfolio and case studies have been displayed as thumbnails on the homepage in order to showcase the incredible work we have been doing over the past decade.


    News Source- http://www.prlog.org/12260864-evomantra-website-to-reveal-stunning-new-design-and-interface-soon.html



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