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    Enrich Your Blog- Evomantra
    One of the most important aspects of content management and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the blogging aspect. A good and a rich blog can do wonders for the marketing team. People start by reading up on your company, its products and services, its ideology etc. before they purchase a product or use a service or go ahead and become ardent fans!

    Blogs can make or break your social presence. A great blog, in a few words, can convey the company message and spread the word in a jiffy! But a badly worded blog or too verbose a blog, can destroy what the company stands for.
    Do you blog every day? What are the topics that you cover? Do you get comments and does it get shared in the social media? Dos the marketing team “advertise” it via social media or through social media marketing services?

    • Try to make your blog short and sweet. No one has the time to sit and read a 1000 word blog every day, even if it is very interesting. Make it short and sweet and cover the important points

    • Start with a great topic that attracts readers and is in sync with the company, its philosophy, products and services. Word a nice, catchy “topic”

    • In the introduction section, introduce what you are going to talk about. Make it clear for the audience hat the blog is all about. Build some mystery and story around the topic and then introduce it to the readers.

    • In the “body” of the blog, talk about the topic. Make sure flow is correct and appropriate. Do not just stop and start at random points and awkward pauses in the writing style are a complete “no-no”


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