Now build your canine’s muscles, with the K9 Peak Muscle™

    Bob Fritz
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    Benicia, CA – For those looking for supplements to help build muscle for their pet dogs, Animal Naturals™ gives them Peak Muscle™, the world’s first canine gainer supplement. It contains bodybuilding essentials, creatine, protein and leucine, derived from naturally occurring ingredients. Peak Muscle™ is a powerful muscle gainer and bodybuilder, promoting muscle growth and size.

    Peak Muscle™ is power packed with natural health foods, such as rice bran, chicken fat, whole egg, cooked chicken, total milk protein and fenugreek seeds. It also contains nutrients such as Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin B12 supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement and Vitamin E supplement, along with Folic acid.

    “My latest advance is made possible by unlocking the secrets of the canine muscle growth pathway. It's called mTOR. Peak Muscle is designed to turn on mTOR more than anything before it,” revealed Bob Fritz, founder and CEO, Animal Naturals™.

    Whether your dog is old, young or just active, over dependence on processed foods in canine diet, coupled with toxins in the environment, has resulted in degradation of canine musculature. This has led to artificial ageing in even young dogs with muscle loss. Adding Peak Muscle™ to your pet canine’s diet not only halts and reverses this muscle loss and premature ageing, but also triggers muscle growth, adding size as well as strength. It has been well documented that canines fed on a regular diet of Peak Muscle are bigger and stronger with better muscular stature than their same breed peers.

    Animal Naturals™’ Peak Muscle™ outscores its competitor products not only in performance but also on price. A 4lbs pack costs only $24.99 and for those ordering it online using coupon code PEAK will get a discount of 13%, along with free shipping.

    “Veteran users of sports nutrition know one certain fact: benefits are dose related. It takes real amounts of nutrients to fuel and/or build muscle, which competitor products of Peak Muscle™ cannot offer,” said Bob Fritz. Animal Naturals™’ Peak Muscle™ is also available at retail stores of PetCo, Pet Food Express, Feeders’ Supply, Pet Pros and Hi Health.

    For more details, contact (877) 922-8362 (toll free) or visit

    Bob Fritz

    Bob Fritz

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