Animal Naturals™ launches Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™

    Bob Fritz
    By Bob Fritz

    Benicia, CA – What’s good for a dog, is good for a cat! Following the ReNature™ principles, of using naturally derived nutrients to create a line-up of best selling canine nutrition and health supplements, Animal Naturals™ through its ReNature™ brand now offers health and nutrition supplements specially designed for cats.

    The Animal Naturals™ Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ health supplement is specially formulated for your pet cats. It is a total feline optimiser, containing multi-source proteins such as L-Taurine and the first ever antioxidant blend for cats. Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ is also the first such product for cats that contains coat nutrients for a glossy, lush coat. Just as the overall health of a dog can be judged from its coat, similarly, a healthy coat of fur of felines is indicative of their overall robust health.

    Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ is designed to help your cat live better and longer. It can help restore your cat's youthful metabolism and strong body. It is a well known fact that the ability to digest protein declines with age, leading to muscle wasting or sarcopenia. Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ helps restore healthy muscle status, as the digestive enzymes, plus new ultra-digestible proteins, maximize utilization,” said Bob Fritz, founder and CEO, Animal Naturals™.

    What sets Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ apart from its competitor products is the inclusion of antioxidants in its ingredients. Studies show antioxidants may prevent tissue damage in older cats. Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ has been made with antioxidants - including SAMe - that may promote renal health, besides preventing cell damage and decay in cats. It also contains probiotics like L acidophilus, indicated to benefit inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). These probiotics may also support urinary tract health in cats.

    Like all other products from Animal Naturals™, the ReNature Feline Jungle Kitty Young at Heart™ is gluten free and does not contain any chemical components or artificially manufactured nutrients. It is available, along with other ReNature™ products, at PetCo, Pet Food Express, Feeders’ Supply, Pet Pros and Hi Health.

    For more details, contact (877) 922-8362 (toll free) or visit

    Bob Fritz

    Bob Fritz

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