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    Have you always dreamt of flying on the sky and making it as your career? But you were never sure and didn’t have the confidence for it, right? The time is not gone yet. You can pursue your dreams in the most scientific way under the guidance and assistance of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Why waste time?

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    This is one the premium and well known private flying academies or institutes operating in South California. With the help and aid of some of the most talented and professional pilots students are trained to become the experts of the safe executing the safest means and methodologies.

    With the application of the state of the art training methods and the most advanced and modern techniques you can definitely pursue your dream of becoming a good quality pilot. The training begins from the ground that ends with advanced and the final level of flying the entire lane or aircraft all by you on the sky. If you are hunting for the bestcommercial pilot training, Camarillo is the place to consider.

    What are the courses that are available?

    · Introductory classes of flying.

    · Private pilot license.

    · Tailwheel Training.

    · Certified flight instructor.

    · Military preparations.

    · Aerobatics.

    · Commercial pilots

    · Airline transport pilot (ATP)

    · Basic upset recovery training

    · Instrument training

    Get yourself enrolled any of the above mentioned courses and get the license to fly high and transform your dream into reality. Believe it or not this is the best and the most effective way to get trained as a pilot. The price rates or the costs of the above mentioned programs differ because they all are variable in nature.

    Hence, if you are seeking for a reliable yet inexpensive commercial private pilot training, Camarillo is the best option to consider because of the abundance of choices available. Are you ready for it?

    The flight club is designed exclusively for you

    It has been designed keeping your demands and needs in mind. You don’t have to worry about anything. Relax and have the peace of mind and enjoy the passion of flying without getting concerned about the charges. This flight club and Camarillo gives you the best opportunity to accomplish your flying needs.

    Keeping the budget in mind, the Phantom Aviation offers you cost-effective and pocket friendly annual membership offers to curtail down the monthly expenditure and you don’t have to worry about anything. Enjoy flying. For more info

    Phantom Aviation

    575 Aviation Dr. Camarillo, Ca. 93010

    (Phone) 805.469.3343


    Phantom Aviation

    Phantom Aviation

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