Effective E-Commerce Conversion Tips by Evomantra

    By Evomantra
    Effective E-Commerce Conversion Tips by Evomantra


    Ecommerce sites offer an easy way for the product owners to sell their merchandise. But there are various things that need to be taken care of to convert the visitors into actual customers. Many ecommerce owners spend considerable time to promote their site using SEO/SEM but miss the mark owing to proper usability which is more important to convert leads into sales. Typically, the conversion rate is 1%-2% which can be increased with proper usability. I have compiled a list of things which shall boost the conversion rates on most commercial sites.
    1. Clutter free homepage: The landing page of the site should be clutter free with clearly defined categories and products menu. Some featured or best selling products can be highlighted.
    2. One Page Checkout: Keep the shopping process simple and quick with one page checkout. This will reduce the cart abandonment rate as the lengthy checkout process may irritate the customer and prevent from completing the buy.
    3. Display the contact info prominently: Display the contact info like Phone no, toll free no and email id prominently on all the pages as this will generate trust in the customer and also provide an easy way for the customer to contact you if he is facing any issue with the online shopping process.
    4. Checkout process bar: Its important to have a checkout process bar so that the customer knows all the steps he need to complete before the buy is complete and also where he is at any step.
    5. Thankyou and payment confirmation page: A customer needs to be clear that the order is complete and the payment has been successfully paid. So, its necessary to have a thankyou page with order number and payment receipt confirmation. Also an email with order information and payment receipt should be sent to the customer.
    6. Early shipping calculation: Its now very important to display the shipping charges at the start of the checkout process as its very annoying to the customer if the shipping charges come out to be more than the product cost itself.

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