How Re-Nature reinvented Me, by Bob Fritz

    Bob Fritz
    By Bob Fritz

    Benecia, CA – Founder and CEO of Animal Naturals™, and creator of the Re-Nature™ brand of products for canine, feline and equine nutrition, Robert “Bob” Fritz is for the first time, sharing his own experience of adopting the Re-Nature™ lifestyle. Not just that, the book, titled “How Re-nature reinvented Me”, will also narrate the positive impact Re-Nature™ products and lifestyle had on Bob’s Jack Russell terrier, Cinder.

    Bob Fritz, who tilted the scales at 308 lbs till January 2012, lost over 100 lbs after adopting a Re-Nature™ lifestyle, in just over a year by March 2013. The book will trace his and Cinder’s journey, detailing not just the weight loss but also the positive spin-offs from adopting a Re-Nature™ lifestyle. Cinder, who’s now 14 in human years, is still sprightly and energetic, thanks to the inclusion of Re-Nature products in his diet.

    Re-Nature™ lifestyle or Re-Naturing is to “restore to an original or normal condition”. Re-Nature™ is a lifestyle that restores humans’ connection to nature. It advocates an entire lifestyle that includes healthy eating, exercise, fun, rest and life for both the pet owners and their pets.

    “The birth of Re-Nature™ stemmed from two beliefs – one, that a return of a natural, healthy way of living for both people and pets was the only way to combat the lifestyle diseases, and two, what’s good for the humans, is good for canines too,” said Bob Fritz. He would certainly know – having conducted several experiments on human and canine nutrition while formulating his path breaking range of Re-Nature products.

    Through the book, Bob says he hopes to convince more people about the efficacy of adopting a Re-Nature™ lifestyle and Re-Nature™ products for their pets. “Many people still wonder if indeed adoption of human grade food in canine and pet diet is indeed as beneficial as it is said to be. I am hoping that sharing my experiences, through this book, will help clear whatever scepticism they may have harboured,” he said.

    While Bob’s weight loss after adopting a Re-Nature™ lifestyle is well known, the book will also highlight how Cinder, despite his advancing years, not only has all his faculties intact, but displays none of the symptoms of old age – such as reduced joint mobility, sarcopenia or muscle loss and reduced immunity. That, Bob feels, will be the ultimate testament to Re-Nature’s™ efficacy in providing canines with a healthier life.

    The book, which will published online, is expected to be released in XXXX and will be available at

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    Bob Fritz

    Bob Fritz

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