No horsing around! Animal Naturals™ introduces trio of horse nutrition supplements

    Bob Fritz
    By Bob Fritz

    Benecia, CA – Animal Naturals™’ Re-Nature™ product line of pet nutrition and health supplements has now been expanded to included speciality products for equines. The company has come out with three new products, targeting horse-owners, formulated keeping in mind the dietary requirements of horses.

    Equine Go Horse™ is a sports performance drink, specially formulated for equine athletes, such as those participating in sporting events. Equines, as any horse owner will know, require not just a warm-up before an event but also frequent rest, due to the extremely high energy burn. Animal Naturals™’ Equine Go Horse™ is a three-in-one sports drink that enhances performance, helps recover quickly and is also a carb loader for building energy reserves. It contains natural supplements and is great before, during and after exercise. It is gluten free and water soluble, which serves well as horses typically consume large quantities of water and thus can be administered with water. A typical horse, weighing about 450kg will normally consume 40 litres of water a day, and more during hot weather. Mix in Equine Go Horse™ and see your horse recover and perform much better.

    Equine Show & Go™ is a body building product that has proven its efficacy on sickly and rescued horses. Completely Trans Fat Free, it helps build muscle and improves the coat of the horse to shiny and lustrous. Equine Show & Go™ is ideal for jumpers, racehorses, polo horses and for those recovering from surgery or rehabilitating. It also helps build immunity, which is Essential as horses have an extremely delicate digestive system. Equine Show & Go™ helps support a horse’s immune system and is designed using the finest human grade nutrients, tailored to the unique equine physiology based on the latest medical research.

    Equine GlucoGel™ is an easy-to-apply gel that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory product and also helps in joint support. Designed for quick healing relief, it is suitable for horses as well as short-hair dogs. An added benefit of Equine GlucoGel™ is that it helps horses attain a glowing coat.

    “We helped invent and shape the growth of scientific bodybuilding for humans, dogs and horses. For 30 years, I've developed the most efficacious, scientifically sound nutrients in the history of sports nutrition. From the first commercial creative, to sports drinks, to today's best selling protein MUSCLE MILK®, we've been there. Millions have gotten bigger, faster and stronger using these advances,” said Bob Fritz, founder and CEO, Animal Naturals™.

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    Bob Fritz

    Bob Fritz

    The company has come out with three new products, targeting horse-owners, formulated keeping in mind the dietary requirements of horses.