Focus on Web Design to Get Site Ranking

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    Focus on Web Design to Get Site Ranking
    The ranking of a website is determined by search engines. Web designers are found to involve themselves more on the look of a site. This is good but the SEO aspect cannot be neglected while making designs.
    Web design cannot be attributed to only style and design. It is not just about tags, keywords and meta-tags. It should be done in a way so that the entire site looks appealing and allows search engines to crawl on it. The design should have a standard look and the website codes should be formed in a way so that the search engines start to crawl on it much easily.


    So, it is rational to choose SEO companies in India that take note of both the external and internal factors while designing a website. It is good to go by Indian SEO companies as their services are reliable, inexpensive, satisfying and reasonable. The SEO companies do understand how to make search engines happy and can provide efficient Internet Marketing Services too. But the main aspects that website designers should take care of are mentioned below.
    Overusing Keywords
    Use of Keywords should be limited. Overuse may lead to penalization. It also leads to stuffing on the sites. Designers should feel the important places while framing codes where keywords can be inserted. With strategic placement of keywords, site ranking is almost guaranteed.
    Codes More Important than Design
    Semantic codes are in trend these days. With Semantic codes, search engines find it easier to read and understand the content. The codes can also be used to make a site look stylish.
    Image Attributes Vital
    Search engines are not made to crawl on images. They simply can’t do it as they are not gifted to crawl on images. But as search engines can crawl on content so tagging becomes so important. Tagged images can be indexed by search engines. And so the image of the websites shows up in searches.
    No Need of Flash
    There is no real need to add flash on a website as the flash links are confusing to search engines. The search engines find it hard to follow them especially if the flash is added on navigation. Adding flash shall result in lowering of page rankings.


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