How to Guest Blog without Looking Like a Spammer

    By Evomantra
    How to Guest Blog without Looking Like a Spammer

    Guest blogging is oftentimes seen as a good SEO and linking strategy. However, if not done with high quality and standard, guest blogging can seem like a complete paid linking strategy rather than a ethical way to increase traffic. To address this topic, Google’s Matt Cutts explained in a recent webmaster help video on how to guest blog without coming across as a spammer or making it seem like a paid linking activity.


    In the video, Mr. Cutts explained what differentiates genuine guest blogging campaign from a paid link campaign through guest blogs. The differences between the two were quite obvious, but it is surprising how many SEO experts forget all about it. Mr. Cutts said, “Usually there is a pretty clear distinction between an occasional press blog versus someone who’s doing a large scale paid link kind of thing. If you’re paying for links, it’s more likely that it’s an off-topic or an irrelevant blog post that doesn’t really match the subject of the blog itself. It’s more likely you will see keyword-rich anchor text and that sort of thing.

    Certainly, irrelevant blog post that does not match even the subject of the blog is bound to appear as spam, or paid linking. But what makes a blog look genuine?

    “It’s more likely to be hopefully someone who’s expert, there will usually be a paragraph about who the person is and why you invited them to be on your blog,” explained Mr. Cutts. “Hopefully the guest blogger isn’t dropping keywords in their anchors nearly as much as these other sorts of methods of generating links.”




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