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    IPTV, Internet Protocol Television:

    With the advent of digital technology how television signals are transmitted has also been changed. The current technology used today is IPTV or internet protocol television. This type of technology uses the internet connections and technologies to transmit data instead of using other pre-used technologies such as Satellites, TV cables and TV stations. With Internet Protocol Television is growing at a fast rate it is expected that the number of Internet Protocol Television will reach about 83 million total users globally. Internet Protocol Television is showing tremendous growth in developed countries and developing countries are catching up as well.

    By and large with most governments insisting on television users having a set top box, it is expected that Internet Protocol Television will continue to grow. Internet Protocol Television or Iptv can be generally divided into three major categories:

    • Live television: This type of Internet Protocol Television is about broadcasts being live.

    • Time shifted Television: This type of Internet Protocol Television is about catching up on previously broadcast programming.

    • Video On Demand: This type of Internet Protocol Television is about broadcasts that are being demanded by the user. A catalog is provided for the user from which he can decide what is the best tv show or program is for him or her.

    Watching Television Live:

    Today with the many options and modifications provided by the set top boxes they are becoming more popular than just regular broadcasts.

    The purpose of most set top boxes is Present the movies, videos, and music to the viewer. Many set top boxes also provide radio services. Many can also handle data from the USB drives of the user. Most set top boxes are well designed to perform these operations. More and more users are turning to setting top boxes when they need a live HDTV. HD stands for High definition and it refers to the overall picture and sound quality of the broadcast. HD broadcast is much better than standard broadcasts.

    People today are increasingly buying Livetvbox, so that they can view their televisions even if they are not in the broadcasting area. Expats are quite fond of such devices in places such as Dubai, USA and UK. For more info visit


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