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    Glaucoma Treatment By Rushabh Eye hospital

    Glaucoma surgery can be done by Rushabh Eye hospital which is leading eye hospital in India. It has done all facilities with superior class for all of our patient and Glaucoma surgery cost is also reasonable.


     The main treatment for chronic glaucoma aims at reducing the pressure in your eye. Damage already caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed. Eye drops, tablets, laser and surgical operations are used to prevent or slow further damage from occurring. With any type of glaucoma periodic examinations are very important to prevent loss of vision. Because, glaucoma can irreversibly worsen without your being aware of it, your treatment may need to be changed from time to time during the periodic examination.

    Medical treatment

    Eye drops :

    When taken regularly and continuously as prescribed, they control the eye pressure either by slowing the formation of aqueous fluid within the eye or by increasing the flow at the drainage area. The proper technique of using your medication is a key to successful treatment. Our glaucoma clinic doctor or assistant will teach you the technique.

    Tablets :

    These are sometimes combined with the eye drops to decrease higher levels of eye pressure. They are occasionally known to cause tingling of fingers and toes, bowel irregularities, and in the very long term, kidney stones.

    what treatment suits you and its results ?

              Laser surgery :

                              Lasers are usually used in one of three ways:

    1. In open-angle glaucoma the draining angle itself is enlarged to control eye pressure.
    2. In angle-closure glaucoma the laser creates a hole in the iris  to open up and improve the flow of aqueous fluid to the drain.       
    3. In painful late-stage glaucoma medication or surgery do not control the pressure. The laser closes some aqueous   fluid-producing areas in the eye and lowers the eye pressure.   

               Operative surgery :

               A new drainage channel is created for the aqueous fluid to leave the eye. Sometimes a tube drains the fluid in very resistant cases.         

                Glaucoma Surgery is recommended when your doctor feels that it is safer  to operate than to allow optic nerve damage to continue. The best treatment for you should be decided after a thorough examination and discussion with us.

    Glaucoma needs regular follow-up since the condition can cause asymptomatic and irreversible loss of vision if poorly treated or neglected.

    The effect of your treatment on the eye pressure may not always be constant and needs to be regularly measured by our glaucoma specialist.

                                          WHAT IS YOUR PART IN THE TREATMENT?

    Treatment requires a team effort [you and the doctor]: The prescription must never be altered or stopped without consulting your doctor. Frequent eye examinations and tests are critical to monitor your eyes for any changes.


    You need an eye examination :

    1. Every 18 - 24 months if you are age 39 years or over.
    2. Every 12 months if a family member has glaucoma, if you have had a serious eye injury in the past, or if you are taking steroid medication [tablets or eye drops].
    3. The Glaucoma Clinic has an early diagnosis centre keeping in mind the higher risk for glaucoma among family members.
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