EvoMantra Offers Dedicated Resource for SEO, SMO and ORM

    By Evomantra
    EvoMantra Offers Dedicated Resource for SEO, SMO and ORM

    Dec. 9, 2013 - NOIDA, India -- EvoMantra, a leading social media marketing, search engine optimization, and online reputation management company in India, provides dedicated resources for all its services. Our services range from community management to ranking improvement and from reputation management to website retrieval, and we offer resources working dedicatedly to single projects.


    Oftentimes, using the normally allocated resource may not be enough for certain projects, where greater attention and efforts are needed. For example, a new business looking to build a brand name and widespread popularity in the social media community will need greater activity, posting, engagement and response from audience. In such an eventuality, a dedicated resource can work in order to achieve the said targets. More social media activity directly leads to more interaction, engagement and involvement of the target group and therefore greater brand awareness and customer loyalty. These are the two essential and indispensable ingredients of successful brand building.

    A webmaster working dedicatedly towards attaining better rank for a website could also do the website a world of good. This means that all the SEO-related activities are now narrowed down and funnelled into a single website, which gives better returns over a certain period of time. This is also economically more rewarding, because the objectives that were achieved a longer duration of time are now achieved much faster. This is a win-win situation for both, forging a long-term successful alliance for better ranking across all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Reputation management is also best done by a single resource working whole-heartedly for a project. This is because sometime the number of bad and fake reviews may be too large and spread across a plethora of website. These are seriously detrimental to the reputation of the brand and the longer they stay on those websites, the more customers the business loses due to a negative image. Therefore, it would be highly advisable to use a dedicated resource to remove all such links in case they are spam, and push back the rest to website where visitors will most likely not visit.

    There are also several that have been hit by the latest Penguin or Panda updates and have been pushed back to irretraceable pages on Google. Such websites need a tremendous lot of activities in order to retrieve the websites and bring them back to their original ranking, and then to better rankings. These activities include elimination of bad linking, and better content marketing. A dedicated resource is the best way to handle this, and any effort less than that may fall well short of what is required to bring the website back.


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