Reach Out Via Digital Media to Ensure A Housefull Seminar

    By Evomantra
    Reach Out Via Digital Media to Ensure A Housefull Seminar

    When we talk about big software, IT or consultancies, their main aim is to reach out to maximum people for various purposes – get more talent, brand awareness or even get more investors. In such scenarios, the best way to publicize and spread the word is via seminars, webinars and talks. If you have to reach out to a wide geographical area, webinar might be the best solution. But if the company wants to deliver their message in a personal way, holding seminars across various cities and arranging CEO/MD talks around the country may be a great idea.


    But when these seminars and talks happen, you cannot afford to have an empty auditorium or if the company has arranged a webinar for a talk by their MD, the webinar better be attended by hundreds of people! Thus, it is the responsibility of the marketing team to ensure that there is a great quality and quantity of attendees.

    • One of the biggest pull for anything – talks, seminars etc. is a great topic. If the topic is relevant, interesting and fascinating, there are high chances of more attendance. But if the topic is a regular run of the mill variety or super-specialized, then probably a very niche audience will be a part of it

    • For any kind of webinar or a talk, there is a set date. Well, walks in should not be allowed or encouraged because it diminishes the brand and dilutes it. Thus, having a set registration date and honoring is a way to establish your identity and show your “importance”

    • Set a goal in terms of number of attendees. Digital media marketers must do research on the % of attendance for various things and accordingly set a goal for the minimum number of registrations


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