EvoMantra Provides Effective Site Retrieval Services

    By Evomantra
    EvoMantra Provides Effective Site Retrieval Services

    Nov. 14, 2013 - NOIDA, India -- With the constant updates from Google like Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin, it is always uncertain as to which site may be hit by them. There is no denying the fact that they are doing a terrific job in fighting web spam and in bringing the most relevant and useful search results to users. However, many a time a website may be hit because the content, design or link building on it may appear spammy even though it may not be so. It is also possible that spam techniques may have been adopted unintentionally and as a result the website suffers badly. We, at EvoMantra, provide site retrieval services to bring websites back in contention and in turn increase its traffic tremendously.

    Bruce Thomsan, EzineArticles Platinum Author We adopt the most tried and tested, reliable and completely ethical techniques in order to achieve results. We use the best industry practices to get websites back to their rightful place and even higher than that. In order to make sure that the website does not come across as a spam site or anything related to that, we make sure that the following four points are thoroughly taken care of:

    We improve the content, design and usability of the website. This includes writing refreshingly relevant, informative and interesting content for the site which is likely to be read and shared more. We also ascertain that the design aesthetics are brilliant and that the site is completely user-friendly. This is done by ensuring a good layout coupled with strategically placed links for better browsing and navigation.

    We make sure that the link building on the entire website is thoroughly ethical, professional and up-to-date. We meticulously check for broken links and links that might appear as spam to search engine crawlers. We remove any such link and replace them with relevant, quality links that may be useful to visitors.

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