ROI For Social Media Marketing

    By Evomantra
    ROI For Social Media Marketing

    Every company is jumping in on the bandwagon of social media marketing – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. Whether or not they need to be there, whether it is actually doing them any good, whether their audience is even present in these social networks etc. are not the questions marketers are bothered about! They just want their brand/company to be everywhere. Well, the truth is social media marketing requires some money (albeit lesser than than traditional marketing ways) and so where investment is there, company should definitely look for return on that investment!

    Every company has joined social media but not many know what the return are or how to calculate the returns:

    • Do you know what your reach is? Reach means the number of people you are reaching out to via emails, blogs, social media etc. The more number of people you reach out to, lead conversion will be better


    • Next is how many leads you have? You may reach to 100 people but how many show some response or interest? That is the lead generation. More the number of leads you have, better are your chances of actual sales. Social media marketing services generally tend to target this thing aggressively and manage their work accordingly.

    • Well, if you have blogs or a fan page, you will have analytics in place. Find out how many people visit your blog, read it, comment on it, how long do they stay on your website (long enough for a purchase decision?) etc. These figures will tell your potential clients/customers and what things you need to do to capture attention or for browser engagement. Remember more they stay on your website/social media pages, better chances of converting them into fans/customers.

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