Knowing Your Customers – The Right Start To Good Marketing

    By Evomantra
    Knowing Your Customers – The Right Start To Good Marketing

    It is said that the customer is the King and if that is the case, then marketers of all companies, must change their communication style and pattern in order to satisfy their customers and clients. Acknowledging them, knowing their needs and wants and then trying to persuade them to buy your product or service are the only way to be successful! Here are some ways in knowing them properly and then targeting them appropriately:

    • First and foremost, know which channel of communication they prefer. If your product is about medicines for anti depression etc., the chances are, these customers are not social media savvy. You may want to communicate with them differently.Social media enables your business and internet marketing effective and valuable.


    • Another thing to remember is how comfortable they are with technology. If your product is all about prom dresses and teenage apparels, connecting with them via the internet and television is a great idea. But if your customers are retirees, how about a radio ad or an advert on certain television channels and not really emails?

    • By this time, you would have done basic research on your exact target market. Well, some segment of the society is more accessible during the afternoon, some late at night etc. Know the timings and the days they are more approachable. It is easier to communicate with them on these days and times. It is also easy to persuade them to buy products during proper times

    • Never be afraid to up sell and cross sell products and services. If you are targeting your customers via emails, up sell it there!

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